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 The Boy Who Loved to Read

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PostSubject: The Boy Who Loved to Read   The Boy Who Loved to Read Icon_minitimeSun Aug 07, 2011 7:58 pm

In a small town on the edge of a larger city, there lived a boy. He was an average 15 year-old child, save for the fact that he absolutely loved to read.

The boy trudged up to the local library each day after school to find a book. One day, he strolled through the door to find something good. After combing the isles of stories up and down, he realized he had read every book in the building. He became disappointed, but soon enough he figured he would ask a librarian if they had something that wasn't on display.

The boy made his way to the front desk and told the man running the check out area his situation. The man told the boy there was one special book that was always kept behind the counter because younger children shouldn't see it. The boy saw why when the man pulled the dusty book out. The cover was dark gray and had no outstanding features, though the title was enough to make him shiver a bit. The book was simply called "Death".

The boy was a little unnerved by the cover, though his thirst for a good read overthrew his apprehension. The boy reached for the book, and the man behind the counter told him it was one of a kind, and that he would have to pay handsomely for it. Although the boy had to pull $70 from his wallet, he figured a good new book would be worth the payout.

The boy reached the exit door of the library, and the man who sold him the book called out a warning. He said that the boy must promise to enjoy the book, but never, under any circumstances, ever read the front page of it.

The boy hastily agreed he would not, and walked back to his house, eager to start his book. A week later, the boy had finished the hardcover, and found it an incredibly interesting read. He was glad that he had shelled out the money. Then as he closed the book, he recalled the librarian's warning about the front page.

He resisted the temptation to look for a few days, but eventually his curiosity got the better of him. The boy slowly opened the book to the first page. As soon as he saw what was on it, he gasped and dropped the book in horror.

There, on the page, was the print: 6.99$
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PostSubject: Re: The Boy Who Loved to Read   The Boy Who Loved to Read Icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2011 3:32 am

That's awesome! And that librarian was pretty tricky. I would totally do that.
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The Boy Who Loved to Read
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