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PostSubject: EARTHEBOUNDE   EARTHEBOUNDE Icon_minitimeFri Mar 08, 2013 6:03 am

I woke up on a nice,hot summer day. I was going to fix breakfast,but
I had nothing in the cabnet. At the moment I did'nt have a car either.
So I walked to Wal-Mart. On my way back,a gray cartridge flew out of an
open car window. I walked over to pick it up. It was a Super Nintendo game! I was
happy because,I stil had my old Super Nintendo. It said EARTHBOUND on
the case. The cartridge's shell was broke too,but the mother board
was'nt broken so I brought it back home. I dug out my old Super Nintendo
and put it in the slot. I saw the title screen. It said EARTHEBOUNDE.
I put it off to the side thinking it was french. When it booted up,it
had 3 save files. 1st one was called Ness. 2nd one was called LEAVE.
The 3rd one was called NOW. I thought someone was fuckin' with me.
So I deleted save file 2 and 3. And I played the profile Ness. It had
no time on it so it was basicly a new game. I started in a giant,
purple triangle like room. It had 1 door,and a sign by it. It said D--I-'-
-A--IN-. I had no idea what the missing letters were so I went in the
door. I saw the Devil's Machine with nothing in it in there. I walked
over and pressed A on it. It said Nov. 19th, 1923. An unborn fetus was
found hanging upside down. CRIME SCENE. I was shocked at this! Then
Jeff,Poo,and Paula appeared after the screen was black for a couple
of seconds. First,Paula said,Why Ness? Why did you do this? Then Poo
came up and said,You have no honor... Then finally Jeff came up saying,
Why Ness? I thought we were friends... Then the screen flashed seizure
inducing colors and the system turned off. I decided to take a nap
for about an hour and try it again because,I wanted to clear my head
from all of this bullshit. When I got up,the Super Nintendo was on.
I was in the same room. The background had Ness's head with beaty,
red eyes. I walked for about 3 minutes. And found a tombstone with
Paula,Jeff,and Poo were by it. They all said, Why did Connor do this...
I was surprised as hell! The game new my name! Then a text box appeared
saying Y/N? I chose N by accident. The game then turned hot,and started
beeping! I tried to take it out but it was too hot! Then after all of
that it said Why did you do this too me Ness... What did Ness do?
Then the final boss music started playing. And for about 10 mins,it
played. And then Ness's head came popped up. It had a text box appear.
The text box said I HAVE DONE IT! SO WHOS NEXT? A CROW? A DOG? Then
the system went real hot and shut off. I checked it one more time.
I clicked Ness and the game worked perfectly. I played through the
whole game in peace. I'm sure it will happen again,but when?
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