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A Creepypasta site to post many categories of pastas.
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 All information on the site

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All information on the site Empty
PostSubject: All information on the site   All information on the site Icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 5:42 am

This was created through

This site is for people who love creepypastas, and want to write and post them here.

To post a creepypasta, simply create a new topic in the category that yours falls under, and write it in that topic.
NOTE- When you post your pasta, people are free to post their opinions in the same topic, underneath your story.

There are many categories of pastas. All of the major ones should be covered. If there is a category that you think should be given its own area on the site, leave a message in the Suggestions topic.

Have fun!

Admin - Celza
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All information on the site
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