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 Spongebob Lost Episode: The Dutchman's Curse

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PostSubject: Spongebob Lost Episode: The Dutchman's Curse   Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:51 am

Ok, I was recently browsing through an old Spongebob DVD of mine when I came across something unusual. I got to the Special Features and found an episode titled "The Dutchman's Curse". Figuring it was an episode I haven't seen yet, I flicked it on. The opening sequence went smoothly, but then there was a bit of static before showing the title card reading "The Dutchman's Curse: A Lost Episode". The episode begins with Spongebob and Patrick running around and playing at the graveyard. Spongebob came across a tombstone reading, "DANGEROUS SPIRIT. DIG AT OWN RISK." He called Patrick to come see it. Patrick, looking curious, said, "Cool! Let's go dig it up!" Spongebob was reluctant, as this was one of the earlier episodes from back when he had common sense. He said nervously, "I don't know, Patrick. Something about this doesn't seem right." Patrick got annoyed, and went to dig it up anyway, which made Spongebob decide to as well. When they got the coffin out, it started floating in midair. A realistic ghost, and by that I mean a ghost you could actually be scared of, started floating and showing his viciously sharp teeth. In a quiet, hissing voice, he said, "Somebody has awaken me." You then get a glimpse of Spongebob and Patrick cowering in fear, and then the screen fades to black. You then see a picture of Satan that's in all red and with blood in the background. And by Satan I don't mean the cartoony one with red skin, horns, a tail and a pitchfork. I mean a deathly ghost spirit that can possess you and kill you. You then see a picture of a lady floating as if being possessed, and she has flashing red eyes. Then, the screen goes to black and you hear a scary, angry voice booming, "SELL YOUR SOUL." Then, you see the ghost hiss, "You shall forever suffer the Dutchman's Curse!" He then shot into Spongebob and made him float up. He was glowing red and his eyes were flashing the same color. Out of nowhere, a possessed Spongebob pulls out a real knife and slashes Patrick through the chest. With his chest split open, Patrick falls to the ground, shedding one last tear before his death. The ghost now slashes the knife through Spongebob's chest, killing him as well. You then hear a crazed maniacal laugh, and the screen goes black. The words "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED." appear, and then the normal credits appear.
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Spongebob Lost Episode: The Dutchman's Curse
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