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 Family Guy- Lost episode? True Story.

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PostSubject: Family Guy- Lost episode? True Story.   Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:21 am

Last night, (the night I started writing this) I was in the "Deep web" (Which is illegal foreign websites the government can't touch. They're real and unfound on search engines. THE WEBSITE INTENDS IT TO BE). Anyway, I was on one that a friend told me about. He said it had a snuff video of a man getting his head blown off. Me, having my sick sense of curiosity and humor, looked it up. I saw the man get his head blown off, it looked like it was a web-cam behind the man and he was in a chair. Tied up and muffled with a rag, or tape, I couldnt see his face. But he had muffled screams. The men who shot him spoke in German and you could only see from their shoulders down. After about two minutes of the three or four men beating up this poor man, they held a shotgun up to the camera. Then, you heard a big BANG and the camera spatterd with blood. The whole screen was pure blood red.
After I saw that I decided to look around on this website before it was deleted. (Websites like these get deleted often and put under a new URL in case of rivalries or the government.) I clicked on a tab at the top of the website that said "WARNING TO ALL OF THOSE WHO SEE" (I Google translated it). I decided what the hell? And clicked on it... Oh I wish I hadnt.
It had one video. And it wasnt looking like a youtube video, it just had the word PLAY in the middle of a pure black computer screen. So I clicked it, thinking it was another snuff video. It was black for about five seconds and I couldnt find the X button or a stop button or a pause or anything like that so I was about to click ESC on the keyboard when i heard the family guys theme song. But the only part was the ending. "HES! A! FAM-I-LY! GGUUYYY!"
Surprised, I looked at the screen to still see black. Only audio was playing. Confused I moved the mouse. No mouse. I clicked ESC on my keyboard. Nothing. I checked and the were both connected properly. About a minute and a half later of blackness the screen showed the Griffin's house. Well, except instead of day like most family guy episodes start. It was pure black. All it showed was the Yellow house. No street. No backround. No garage. Not even Brian's lame ass car. (It looked like a newer episode from the graphics of the house).
It then went back to a pure black screen for about thirty seconds, me being pissed off that I couldnt exit out of this website, started to close my computer. As soon as I touched my laptop the light for my camera popped on. I looked at it oddly and covered it with a sock. (I was in my bedroom and just took off my sock). A little scared I backed away from my computer and sat against the wall, I just had that eerie feeling something was gunna pop out at me.
But, instead, the screen finally went from black to Stewie in his room playing with Rupert and his Mrs.Piggy doll. He was doing his normal, psychopathic, pretend. But the only sound was static. His lips were moving and he was throwing the dolls at one another but it was just a really loud static. I turned down my computer but that didn't help much.
After a few more seconds the static stopped and Lois walked in. She looked at Stewie and said, in english, "Time for your bath, Stewie" But it wasnt Lois' voice. It didnt sound nasley (IDK if I spelled that right but you know what I mean). Stewie threw his Mrs.Piggy doll at Lois and ran away to his secret lab in his room. He grabbed his ray gun and shot Lois. I laughed because, well, it's Family Guy. I thought I was just watching some twisted episode they never released.
It showed Lois with a huge burned hole in her head. But it wasn't a cartoon hole. It looked like a REAL hole through her head that someone shot her with a REAL ray gun. I looked at it and whispered, "What the fuck?"
Then, through my speakers a man's voice came across them with a German accent. "Do you like? Little girl?" I freaked out and jumped off of my bed, the computer screen facing me. I was now standing up and almost to the point of tears. Still watching the computer screen, it flashed, slowly at first from Lois' wound in her face to pure black. Then it got faster and faster. So fast it was to the point where you couldn't tell what was suppose to be on the screen besides black if you hadn't seen it first. All of a Sudden it just stopped. It went to black for at least 2-3 seconds then started the episode again. It was Brian in the kitchen with Peter and Brian was reading the paper. He looks up at Peter and said, "Well this is a mighty fine day, Sport. Lois has a hole through her skull and Stewie rules the world. Meg is non existent and Chris is a slave. What a wonderful life." It was in a scared, cheery voice though. Like he was being forced to say it. I chuckled but still was a little freaked out.
Then Peter started to talk but his voice was dubbed over. It wasn't Peter's voice, it was the same German man who scared the living Hell out of me earlier.
I sat back down on my bed and leaned against the wall. Watching the screen closely, I heard the Peter (Well, the German man who dubbed over Peter), say, "Yes. America is great when a nonamerican rules. America is great when the cunts are slaves and the bastards are dead. America will be ruled. America. Will. Be. Dead."
I was home alone so and scared beyond scared. So I called my brother and kept watching. There was no way to rewind the episode so I just turned it up on my laptop and let him listen in on the rest. I never thought to record the episode on my phone until now...
After the German dubbed over Peter man finished his sentence, the screen froze for about 5-6 minutes. Confused I just stared at it.
Then, a ton of pictures, old pictures, flashed over th screen. Most of Hitler and Swastikas. Then, a quick picture of America showed up, it was as if someone took the picture from space, but it was all of north America. The picture paused for a few moments then a huge explosion came over the screen. And once where America was, was just water.
The screen went black and the German's man voice came over my speakers again. He said. Word for word. "America will die, little girl. I know who you are and where you live. If you tell anyone, I will know. And I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you."
Then my computer restarted and the light on my camera on my laptop has been on ever since. I never found the website again and Ive colored in the lense with a black sharpie then I put duct tape over.
Ive been scared out of my mind ever since...
I hate Nazis.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Guy- Lost episode? True Story.   Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:34 am

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Family Guy- Lost episode? True Story.
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