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 TheLittleFears: Mini Videos

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PostSubject: TheLittleFears: Mini Videos   Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:49 pm

The shortest of her videos to date. These being the ones that are under two minutes in length.

I'm excluding ones like such as "I Hate Coke/Snow", "Corrupted Bootleg" ," In The Deep Sea, Everything Is Death" and "What People Will Believe". Ones that aren't really pasta based,but just based on crazy stuff that happens to TLF and nature based stuff...and I don't feel like making everybody into germophobes,paranoids and hypochodriacs (I Hate Coke, I Hate Snow and What People Will Believe are three extremely good examples of this)

"The Trick of the Light"

"Please Come"

"The Face Upstairs"

"La Nuit"


"The Portraits"

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TheLittleFears: Mini Videos
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