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 suicidemouse copy version

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PostSubject: suicidemouse copy version   Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:24 am

I was getting the copy of suicidemouse, and the download was removed by walt disney pictures, the episode was made in 1930, the title was "suicidemouse.avi" and the copy is "suicidemousehell.avi" by getting the copy verison on rapidshare to work I used troubleshooting problems then it letted me download this VHS episode, so I downloaded it and watched it, there was a error showing after chapter 1 it said it was trying to fix show, then it came back with a message (the after 6 minute message) the mickey mouse video was fast motion. You can keep on hearing this computer sound on the VHS file. watch out of town, it is hell. if you are starting to worry about something then get out of this video, I shouldn't have uploaded this video but some people wanted to know the copy version of suicidemouse.avi.

if you want to find it, well here it is!, watch at your own risk:

other footage found:

one I recorded on GBA:

watch out if you are watching these, they may be disturbing and will make you suffer in a nightmare
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suicidemouse copy version
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