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 The Fairly OddParents: Vicky's Little Brother

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PostSubject: The Fairly OddParents: Vicky's Little Brother   Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:52 am

Okay, has anybody seen the pilot of The Fairly OddParents? And I don't mean the first episode of the SHOW, I mean the first legit episode that was shown on "Oh Yeah! Cartoons." If you have, then you'll remember something about Vicky having a little brother. Well, later on you only know of Vicky having a little sister, Tootie. This is the untold story of Vicky's brother, and why you never see him again.
3 years before Tootie came along, Vicky's mother had a son named Derek. Derek was Vicky's slave. He usually did everything right. Until one day when he got so fed up with Vicky that he decided to take her giant hot pink bra to school for show and tell. Derek ended up getting in trouble at school, and when Vicky found out, she was so angry that she decided to deal with him in an unorthodox way. She locked him in the closet, and took a knife and cut him deeply.. She then made him write on the closet walls in his own blood, "I am writing this because I was bad. This is my own fault." As Vicky continued to slash her bloody knife along Derek's flesh, Derek's face grew paler. Eventually, Vicky ran out of places to cut Derek, so she stabbed Derek in one eye, and as his eye socket gushed blood out, he continued to write. Derek eventually died. He never finished writing a sentence, so it said, "I'm writing this because I was ba---"

When Vicky's parents found Derek lying in the closet, they were beyond terrified. Vicky told them that she killed him, and that if the family doesn't do what she says, they'll all be in the same position as Derek. So her parents agreed to do what she said, and they made sure Tootie did the same.

Well, I guess that explained two things: why you never hear of Vicky's brother, and why Vicky's parents are always so terrified of her and always do what she says. Beware of Vicky! Twisted Evil
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The Fairly OddParents: Vicky's Little Brother
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